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Badge Alert – “Butt Kicker”

The best part of Superawesome World for me is when we have a badge alert for the creation of a new badge. Today, I went on a walk but instead of indiscriminately picking up garbage, I focused on cigarette butts. In total, I picked up almost 60 butts or the equivalent of 3 packs of cigarettes. My walk was a real Butt Kicker!

I used to smoke cigarettes years ago (almost a pack a day) and while I usually didn’t flick my butt, I did at times so I am not sure that this is so superawesome for me as it would be for a never smoked never flicked a butt person since they would have never flicked a butt, but I have. Either way it made me feel superawsome on a rather blah day. For this reason I think that any time anyone picks up 20 or more cigarette butts from the ground, they deserve to earn the Butt Kicker badge.

The other bonus, in addition to earning a superawesome badge, is that in addition to going on a good walk I did nearly 60 squats, one with every cigarette butt! Needless to say I had some serious hand washing to do when I was done. That’s ok though since all of the exercise I got made me work up a little sweat on this fine spring day.

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